Backyard Gnome takes a look at Connemara

the-backyard-gnome-logoWe love it when someone talks about Connemara and our mission.

The latest comes from The Backyard Gnome, where writer Tony McLellan takes a thoughtful look at our history as well as the work we are doing today.

Tony puts it all in perspective from the very start of his article when he writes:

It should come as common knowledge that the pioneering of a radical new idea can be challenging. For ideas relating to environmental preservation in the mid-seventies to early eighties, that knowledge could not be more of an understatement. Recycling, global warming, carbon footprints. Such phrases that are now an integral part of regular mainstream thought were little more than niche terms used by fringe groups, or did not exist at all. The Connemara Conservancy was one such group that took their commitment to the environment several steps further than simple vernacular, helping to bring environmental activism to Northern Texas. Dedicated to the education and preservation of the Texas area ecosystem and beyond, the Connemara Conservancy leads the way in environmental excellence.

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