Connemara elects officers for 2020-2021 fiscal year

The Connemara Conservancy board of directors has elected long-time Meadow Manager Bob Mione as its president for the 2020-2021 fiscal year.

Officers for the coming year will be:

  • President — Bob Mione
  • Vice-President — Jim Watkins
  • Secretary — Scott White
  • Treasurer — Sherry Englande Brown
  • Easement Transition — Mark Yarbrough

Beverly Coghlan, Sue Kacines, Ross Obermeyer and Dr. Eileen Tollett join Bob, Jim, Sherry, Mark and Scott to complete the board of directors.


News from Connemara

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The latest issue of Landscape, our newsletter, includes a message from the President of the Connemara Board, information on the annual Earthfest celebration and news and updates on activities the Meadow.

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Jim Watkins named to Connemara board

Connemara welcomes Jim Watkins of Rockwall to the Connemara Conservancy Board of Trustees.

Jim is a software engineer with extensive experience in managing organizations, sales and business development, nurturing and developing customers, managing software development, process improvement, and personnel acquisition, development and retention.

He currently serves as Chief Technology Officer for VolunteerNow. Prior to joining VolunteerNow, he was Sales Director/Program Manager for Precision Technology Inc. after three decades in various management positions at Texas Instruments.

He also has been a long-time supporter of Connemara and our mission of protecting open space and providing environmental education throughout North Texas.

Welcome to the board, Jim.

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