CCF Relationships

Connemara vs. The Meadow vs. The Foundation

There may be some understandable confusion between the terms Connemara, The Meadow. the Connemara Conservancy and the Connemara Conservancy Foundation and we have not always been consistant when discussing them on this site. But the following definitions and graphic should help clarify things.

Connemara Conservancy Foundation (CCF) or Connemara Conservancy or just The Conservancy or The Foundation
The formal legally constituted organization, governed by a Board of Trustees.
The Meadow Nature Preserve or The Connemara Meadow or just The Meadow
The original 72 Acre property at what is now the SE corner of Alma and Bethany in Allen, TX
Often synonymous with The Meadow Nature Preserve but also frequently used to refer to The Foundation itself.
The meaning can usually be determined by the context in which it is used – e.g.

  • Connemara Just completed adding another 100 acres to its inventory. (refers to the Connemara Conservancy)
  • Are you going on the Bird Walk at Connemara tomorrow? (refers to The Meadow Nature Preserve)

While the following graphic representation of the Foundation is simplistic,
it does represent the key relationships between the major players.


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