Entering The Meadow during construction

While construction is taking place, there are three ways to access The Meadow:

  • You can park in front of our gates (not on the street) which are located at the Eastern end of Hedgcoxe (Turn to the East from Alma and drive to the end of Hedgcoxe, our gates are immediately to the right of the house with the purple door.)  After you park, walk around the gates, through the vacant lot, cross the staircase, or walk around it and you will be in the middle of the Upper Meadow.
  • You can turn left on Greensboro when Hedgcoxe ends, park next to the public park at the end of Greensboro, walk across the park to the sidewalk, take a right and walk into the Meadow.
  • Volunteers are at the Meadow on most weekday mornings from 9 a.m. until Noon and you can park in the Alma parking area, walk down the gravel road, cross the bridge (we leave the temp gate open) and walk into the Meadow.



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