Profile – ARK II

Location:  10 miles north of Granbury in Hood County, Texas

Total easement acres:  650 acres

Dr. Harold GArk II - restored grasslands 2009ranek wanted to create a natural oasis outside of the normal hustle and bustle of urban life.  He spent several years purchasing and assembling the 650 acres of natural area which surrounds his personal residence in Hood County, north of Granbury.

Dr. Granek says he chose Connemara in 2007, as his land conservation partner mostly because Connemara is focused on North Texas.  If the name, “Ark II” invokes biblical memories, that’s not a coincidence.  Dr. Granek gave the property that name to reflect his belief that the 650 acres serve a similar purpose to Noah’s Ark by preserving the woodlands and prairie environment on his property from the relentless onslaught of urban expansion.

Purposes of this Conservation Easement054

  • Retain the Property in its natural open space conditions;
  • Protect, maintain and enhance the property’s relatively high quality habitat for native plants and animals; and
  • Prevent uses that would significantly impair or interfere with the Conservation Values of the Property.

Elements of this Conservation Easement

  • Property will be perpetually preserved in its predominately natural and open space condition with emphasis on the mature Ashe juniper forest and native grasslands that it contains.
  • Commercial and industrial activities are prohibited on the property.
  • Continuation of compatible land uses are supported as they have been historically conducted in harmony with the property’s ecological and open-space values and not destructive of the Conservation Values of Property.
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