Profile – Leo Ranch

Location:  southwestern Cooke County, Texas

Total easement acres:  963 acres

Leo Ranch is a 970 acre Leo Ranch Escarpment IMG_0792working cattle and sheep operation located in Cooke County, northwest of Sanger, Texas.  It is owned by the Dixon Water Foundation which seeks to promote healthy watersheds through good landscape management.

It is a unique agricultural property in North Texas in that it is a working, organic ranch and a learning center for education, outreach and research on water issues.  At Leo Ranch, the Dixon Water Foundation demonstrates how to manage rangeland in an environmentally and economically viable way.
The Dixon Water Foundation owns and operates four ranches totally over 15,000 acres including Leo Ranch.  These working ranches provide grass-finished meet that is certified organic and sold at local markets.

Purposes of this Conservation Easement

  • Assure that the property’s agricultural productivity and capacity will continue, including future ranching activities and other traditional land uses;
  • Retain the open space character of the Property;
  • Retain the natural wildlife habitat and scenic qualities of the Property;
  • Protect the property’s relatively high quality presence of native plants, wildlife habitat and animals on the Property; and
  • Promote outdoor education of the public.DWF Members - close up

Elements of this Conservation Easement

  • Property will be perpetually preserved in its predominately agricultural and open space condition.
  • Any commercial or industrial activities are prohibited on the property.
  • Continuation of compatible land uses (especially agricultural operations) are supported as they have been historically conducted in harmony with the property’s ecological and open-space values.
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