Profile – W. Mud Reserve Mitigation Bank

Location: Smith County, Texas

Total easement acreage:  76.5 acres

For Jeremy Rowden, his appreciation of the out-of-doors is more than just a weekend adventure.  He has turned it into his business.  Working as an environmental consultant in the Tyler area, he purchased a piece of floodplain land that had once belonged to his family in the past near Bullard in Smith County and saw it as a great opportunity to improve the once-overgrazed pastures and forest into a diverse habitat for waterfowl and other creatures.  Being in the environmental field, he found that many of his clients were in need of a means to mitigated or replace wetland habitat for impacts due to their developmental projects, thus giving Jeremy the idea of creating a “bank” of improved wetland, forest and stream habitat on new his piece of land to help meet this need in that part of East Texas.

 A part of this wetland establishment as mitigation is to work with the US Army Corps of Engineers to properly permit this project.  One requirement for such “mitigation banks” is to have long-term protection on it under the oversight of a qualified third party, thus the establishment of a conservation easement over the proposed bank site.  Jeremy has worked with Connemara Conservancy to place such an easement on his mitigation lands, and is currently in the process of planting wetland trees on the property and enhancing the existed wet areas.  This is a family operation; he relies on his wife to handle the paperwork and enlists friends and even his children to help plant tree saplings.

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