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Strain Family Farm: 121 Acres in Dallas County

The Strain Family Farm is a working farm with a well-documented history that dates back to 1845. The 1896 W.A. Strain house still stands as a cornerstone of the property’s history. The substantial historical significance has been documented and registered on both the state and national level. It serves especially as an outdoor museum reflecting more than 150 years of changing patterns of land use. A wide, limestone creek winds through the entire length of the property, and provides ample wooded riparian corridor for animal travel. The creek continues south through old growth forest and into Dallas County Parks and Open Spaces land in the Ten Mile Creek Preserve.

Purposes of this Conservation Easement

  • Protect the property’s ecological and open space values.
  • Protect the property’s agricultural productive capacity and assure its continuing availability for agricultural and open-space use.
  • Protect the property’s relatively high quality habitat for native plants and animals.
  • Maintain and enhance the natural features of the property.

Elements of this Conservation Easement

  • Property will be perpetually preserved in its predominately agricultural and open space condition with emphasis on the old-growth forest it contains.
  • Any commercial or industrial activities are prohibited on the property.
  • Continuation of compatible land uses (especially agricultural operations) are supported as they have been historically conducted in harmony with the property’s ecological and open-space values.

This donation was made possible by Carol Strain-Burk, Ted Burk, Dr. Mary Strain-Sykes, and Dr. Don Sykes.

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