Reference Documents

Conservation Reference Material CCF Governing Documents Meadow Reference Material

Conservation Documents (large – best to use right-click and save locally)

  1. TLTC 2013 Conservation Easements for Texas Land Owners
  2. Connemara Profiles of Land Easements

CCF Governing Documents

  1. CCF ByLaws – 01-21-09.doc
  2. CCF Original Declaration of Trust.pdf
  3. IRS_Determination_Letter.pdf

Meadow Reference Material

    1. Brochures The following brochures are available for download. They are intended as quick references on specific subjects while you are out on the meadow.All are in a double-sided “trifold” format. If you don’t have a double-sided printer (and who does?) then just print them single-sided, place the two sheets back to back and fold into thirds.
      • Connemara Meadow Preserve Trail Guide – This brochure is also available at the sign-in table for any of our open houses and guided walks. It contains a map of the permanant trails, History and Guiding Principles of the Preserve and other information you might find useful as you explore.
      • Making a Contribution (inside and outside) – How to make a contribution to or join the Connemara conservation Foundation (note: the inside and outside of this brochure are in separate downloads).
      • Bird Checklist brochure – This is for those birders, both professional and amateur, who would like a convenient checklist of the 150 some odd species that have been seen in the Meadow and surrounding environs. The same information can also be found in a web-based format that shows local photographs as well as authoritative technical information on each bird (from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology).
      • Meadow Preserve Native Grasses brochure – An identification guide to 7 of the most common grasses to be found in The Meadow Nature Preserve
      • Dichotomous Tree Identification brochure – A leaf-based self-identification guide to 19 of the most common trees found in The Meadow Nature Preserve
    2. Connemara Conservancy Foundation Release of Liability and Waiver of Claims Because there are inherent dangers in walking in any naturally wild place, we, unfortunately, need to have people on record as agreeing to the Connemara Release Form. The signup sheets for all open houses, bird walks, etc. should use this form without alteration.
    3. Volunteer Reference ManualA reference manual for all of our Trail Guides, Ambassadors and others interacting with the public or otherwise assisting with Meadow activities.
    4. Volunteer Background Check FormAll volunteers who are interacting with the public on behalf of the Connemara Conservancy Foundation must have passed a background check. This includes Trail Guides, Greeters, Ambassadors, etc. This check must be done every two years. Please fill out and provide this form to the office staff. If you have already had one performed by Verify on behalf of another organization such as the Heard Museum, LLELA or Texas Master Naturalists, it is sufficient to provide proof of passing to office staff for their records.

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