Yoga classes move to upper Meadow

Yoga in the Meadow October schedule

Connemara’s Yoga in the Meadow classes have been moved to the top of the Meadow. 

Enjoy fireside yoga and the warmth of the sun! Evening classes powered by the sun under the solar lights! 

Parking Directions

  • Follow Alma south from the main Meadow entrance.
  • Turn left on Bass Drive (the first street just south of the Hedgcoxe/Alma intersection).
  • Follow Bass Drive to the end and enter the short alleyway which leads to the gated meadow entry.
  • Signs will be posted on Bass Drive near the entrance. 


Connemara adds Supported Yoga classes on Tuesdays

Connemara Yoga In The Meadow image

Join us for Supported Yoga every Tuesday at 10:15 a.m. in the Connemara Meadow Nature Preserve. 

Supported yoga uses a stability ball to provide a base of support for beginners, post injury, pregnancy, or difficulty with a vinyasa flow where vertical to horizontal movements are not well tolerated.  

The class structure is a flowing sequence, not diminished by the ball as there are challenges. The Asana Practice with the ball flows from seated postures to standing, kneeling, seated on mat and supine.  

While the ball assists with the asana, it also deepens the sensation of the stretch, and with progressions provides challenge.  The ball provides more mobility, balance, greater range of motion and challenge than chair yoga. 

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