Tools for Conservation

There are a number of different conservation tools available to us for use in land protection, depending upon on the conservation values of the land, the goals of the landowner, funding sources and the ability for Connemara to get involved. For conservation-minded landowners, our protection strategies are both practical and essential to preserving the land. For landowners who share the goals of the land trust, the options described here may provide a means to achieve a personal dream: That of forever protecting an important part of the landscape and perhaps part of your family’s heritage as stewards of that cherished landscape. For those seeking a tax deduction for donating the development rights of the land, some tools are better than others to achieve that end.

The voluntary donation by the landowner of a Conservation Easement over all or a portion of their property is the most common tool used by Connemara to help landowners protect their lands. Please contact us at Connemara for more information.

Discuss your options with trusted professionals, particularly your tax adviser and a conservation professional. Your tax adviser can counsel you on any recent changes in property, income, and estate tax laws that may substantially impact your decision.

Please contact us at Connemara for more information.

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