Tai Chi

Tai Chi classes now available in the Meadow

Connemara is teaming with The Yogi Treehouse for weekly Tai Chi classes every Monday morning at 9:30 in the Upper Meadow.
We invite you to join Shirfu Standley Johnson for Classical Yang Chenfu Style in its unmodified form.

The special characteristics of this vibrant healing practice are a tranquil mind with loosened joints, applied integrated supple strength directed by the waist spiraled to the upper and lower limbs, and continuation of internal energy (Qi) from movement to movement without interruption.

Learn the benefits and principles of Tai Chi Chaun and how they connect to mind, body, and spirit. During your practice, you will understand how to apply Tai Chi to body mechanics as well as how to select and utilize Tai Chi movements.

Class will be held at the top of the Meadow. Follow Alma south from the main meadow entrance, and make a left on Bass Drive (the first street just south of Hedgcoxe/Alma intersection). Follow Bass Drive to the end and enter the short alleyway which leads to the gated meadow entry.

Register for class at https://www.theyogitreehouse.com/book-online