Connemara Meadow Preserve Use Policy


The Connemara Meadow Preserve (the "Meadow") is a nature preserve privately owned (by Connemara Conservancy Foundation (CCF)) and funded by private donations rather than tax dollars.  it is not a park, but a nature preserve within the midst of urban growth and development.

The overall intent is to allow visitors to commune with Mother Nature via:

  • Self-guided nature trails
  • Guided bird and wildlife walks
  • Guided plant identification walks
  • Access to educational groups for research and instruction
  • Special events as desired and approved


Permitted Uses

  1. Observing nature
  2. Environmental education and field research
  3. Special events conducted or hosted by CCF.
  4. Other use, activity or event conducted by another organization with approval by a CCF (see above) authorized representative under guidelines established by the Connemara Meadow Manager and/or CCF Board of Trustees.

Authorized Users

  • Any visitor during open access hours who obeys all rules of conduct.
  • Visitor (and guests of visitor) at other times, given prior authorization from Connemara to host or conduct an activity.
  • Any trustee or other representative (including volunteer, contractor and similar third party) conducting an activity or use as directed or authorized by Connemara.

Guidelines & Definitions

  • No activity (including any permitted use by an authorized user) shall diminish the "state of natural beauty" characteristics of the Meadow.
  • Environmental Education includes discussions about he flora and fauna found in the Meadow, as well as conservation values of the organization and property.  It may include formal guided nature interpretation led by Connemara, and educational institution, or experienced guide.  It may also include informal observation conducted by individuals or groups.  All ages are encouraged to participate in Environmental Education.
  • Environmental Research generally includes field research that principally observes and documents the natural changes occurring over time in the Meadow.  Anything introduced or removed from the property requires prior authorization from Connemara.  Researchers must report results to the Connemara Meadow Manager.
  • Special events are scheduled activities for groups of over 5 people, conducted by CCF or another organization and include, but are not limited to, concerts, guided walks, workshops, work days, organizational meetings, family gatherings, or special interest groups.  Special events conducted by another organization must be deemed acceptable to and approved by CCF.
  • A bond amount may be charged for an event based on the impact of the activities as accessed by CCF.
  • The Meadow may be closed at any time for an event or other purpose, as approved by the CCF Board of Trustees.
  • Parking is available at the parking area located off of Alma and at the top of the Meadow accessed through the Bass alley gate.
  • Changes to the landscape must be authorized by the Meadow Manager and include, but are not limited to, digging, adding chemicals, adding vegetation, removing vegetation, adding temporary benches or swings, removing brush.

Rules of Conduct

The following rules of conduct apply to all visitors:

  1. Be conscious of others' enjoyment
  2. Carry out what you carry in (no littering)
  3. Foot traffic only (no bicycles or motorized vehicles, except those used by active volunteers) except strollers or wheelchairs for physically challenged visitors
  4. Refrain from activities that would trample vegetation
  5. Self-guided walks in the Meadow should follow maintained trails whenever possible
  6. Do not cross or move brush piles
  7. Pets must be "cleaned up after" and kept on leash at all times
  8. No smoking or open fires
  9. No unauthorized persons during night time hours (i.e., dusk to dawn)
  10. No unauthorized event by any group of visitors
  11. No unauthorized changes made to the natural landscape (including removal or placement of any animal, plant, insect, chemical, or object)
  12. No unauthorized flying of drones
  13. No unauthorized use of the Meadow by professional photographers or filmmakers
  14. No conduct that causes injury, harm, danger or damage to any person or the property
  15. No possession or use of weapons of any kind (including firearms or bows and arrows)
  16. No trapping or hunting


  1. These activities/events include concerts, art fests, art exhibits, weddings, class reunions, other large gatherings and artistic endeavors.  Please note this is not a final, definitive list, other activities could be approved by either the Connemara Meadow Manager or CCF Board of Trustees.
  2. All such activities as addressed above must follow the rules of conduct and guidelines contained in the Meadow Policy.
  3. If requested/required by the event, the use of CCF owned tables, chairs, lighting, generators, etc. can be used/included in the event/activity.
  4. To maintain a link with our Founder, Frances Montgomery Williams, The ARTS in its many forms are encouraged in the Meadow.
  5. The number of attendees at any of the events addressed above is limited to around 200.  As a general rule, not more than 4 such events (not including CCF sponsored events) can take place in the Meadow in any given year.  if conducted by a group other than CCF, a fee of up to $1,000 may be required, depending on the use of the property and/or equipment.


No permanent structures are permitted in the Meadow.

The Connemara Meadow Preserve Use Policy will be reviewed as needed.

Meadow Photography Policy

Non-professional photos taken by members or other guests to record their visit into The Meadow are always permitted and encouraged, subject to Connemara’s General Usage Policy and with the understanding that if the photos are to be used for profit or in any sort of publication, we must be notified in advance and require a usage fee of $100.

Visitors who wish to have a professional photographer record a special occasion such as a wedding engagement or birthday using The Meadow as a backdrop may do so without prior approval as long as the group is relatively small (fewer than a dozen) and Connemara’s General Usage Policy is followed. If the group is larger or special equipment is required, please contact us first.

Professional One-time Event Photography Professional photographers who wish to use the Meadow as a backdrop for commercial purposes are permitted to do so provided:

  • You contact our Meadow Manager Bob Mione at 469-200-4085 to work out the Meadow access requirements
  • You pay a nominal usage fee ($100)
  • Connemara’s General Usage Policy is followed
  • Proof of liability insurance is provided to the Meadow Manager