Visit the Meadow


The Connemara Meadow Nature Preserve is located in North Texas, on the border of Allen and Plano just to the east of Alma Drive, north of Hedgcoxe Drive, and just south of Bethany Drive.

Directions: From Highway 75

  • Exit Bethany Drive and go west approximately 1 mile.
  • Turn left (south) onto Alma Drive.
  • Turn left through the open gate with the sign Connemara Meadow Nature Preserve. (If you reach Suncreek Park, or Hedgcoxe and Tom Thumb, you have gone too far.)

If you want to look it up on Google, iPad or iPhone, or GPS, the best way is to enter “Connemara Meadow Nature Preserve” or use the street address: 300 Tatum Rd, Allen, TX. The Meadow Nature Preserve Entrance and Parking are directly across the street (Alma) from this address.

Alma Access

  • The parking lot at the main entrance at Alma, south of Bethany Drive in Allen (across from Tatum Road).
  • Parallel parking is available on the right side of this drive as you enter. You may also park perpendicularly in the small grass/dirt parking area.
  • Please park ONLY in the Alma entrance parking drive/area. DO NOT drive on any of the other roads. They are private property.

Suncreek Park Access

Public access is also available to the Connemara Meadow Nature Preserve via trails from Suncreek Park (both Allen and Plano sides of Suncreek Park). See map.

Bass Drive Gated Entrance

For some Meadow events, parking will be available in the Meadow with entrance through the Bass Gate located behind the intersection of Bass Drive and Roberta Drive in Plano.


Roughly mowed, not paved, surrounded by tall grasses most of the year.


A port-o-let is available on site.

Ages / Pets

All ages welcome. Dogs must be kept on leash and you must pick up after your dog and dispose of waste properly.


  • Open dawn until dusk.
  • No bikes or motorized vehicles, please.
  • No unauthorized drone flying.  Contact or 469-200-4085.
  • Click here for full Meadow Use Policies, including Photography Policy.

What to Wear

  • On Walks - Long pants, closed-toe shoes, bug spray, sunscreen or hat in all seasons.
  • On Work Days - Sturdy shoes, bug spray, hat, layered clothing, long pants, long-sleeved shirt.

There is a gentle increase in elevation from the lower meadow to the upper meadow (582 to 630 feet).

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